Springtime images in the Shade Garden

My daily plod. Up to the potting shed to water the seedlings, back to the potager to pick asparagus, down to the lower potager to check on the newly planted beds.

Here’s our almost daily delight.

It’s all go. And being relentlessly dry and sunny, these borders in the Shade Garden and the barn garden are marvellous to wade through.

Did I show you the little path I made out of stones along this part of the vegetation? You can tell I’m a keen recycler. I had to make use of the leftover rocks on the courtyard terrace.

You can tell I’m not keeping up.

The irises are becoming my favourite trip hazard. I have to resist the urge to reach out and stroke the flowers as I go past.

I’ll have to do a photo gallery to shove all the images at you.

I love Spring.

I will need to cut back those bracts on the Euphorbias which are too close to the path. I feel that we might be moving into sandal season soon. And I don’t need the irritation from the euphorbia sap to add to the itches from ants and random brambles and sunburn.

Ooh and here is my favourite of the mad shrubs in this part of the garden.

Osmanthus. Fabulous scent. Almost as good as the heady mix of the viburnum tinus and the few narcissus Bridal Crown daffodils that are still going in this part of the garden.

Every year I threaten the secateurs on these shrubs. And then get busy and go elsewhere. Fluffy is the order of the day.