Springtime images in the Dry Garden

I’m back indoors after spending the day working on my farmer’s tan. Oh yes. Sunburned hands as I forgot to wear gloves. And my neck is doing that nice trick of being both sunburned and lily white under the collar.

Drought. We are in drought. No rain for a month so today’s To Do list had one marvellous job. Lavish Watering.

Our water supply in the forest is over-abundant. So that was the green light for me to haul hoses and generally have a marvellous day.

I started in the Dry Garden as it’s rather fetching at the moment.

I planted up a mixed bag of tulips just before Christmas and it is much more on the apricot and pink scale. But it does make me smile. And I had to move the car out of the way so it didn’t photo bomb the shot. We usually park the car in front of this terrace.

And I have this technique of getting the huge long hose nicely unkinked by dragging it all the way to the end of the Dry Garden.

And then I can swing down to the transplanted almond tree down on the lower terrace, via a bit of grass watering (fancy!) and then back up via the new hornbeam hedge and thence up and up to the raspberries and asparagus way up the top of the farm.

Two hundred metres of hose. Marvellous exercise.

Ooh, and I get to give you a glimpse of the new low wall at the end of the Dry Garden. A very pleasing sight if I ever feel the need to actually sit down.