Spring scenes

If I had to sum it up in two words it would be controlled frenzy.

Seed sowing. I think I am about ten days behind my usual sowing routine.

I came back to find that some of the seeds I sowed two weeks ago had cooked. The summer sprouting brocoli, the aubergine, lots of flowers, courgettes, not showing any life.

So I gave myself an afternoon to have a good sort. I checked every seed tray – not many zinnias this year. But the salvias germinated. And the mighty dianthus just romped away.

I have been able to prick out lots of red kale, more cavolo nero, dianthus and plenty of other plants I just don’t remember. Oh yes, the ricinus – castor oil plant – suddenly popped up and now look like seedlings.

So with growling thunder rumbling all around the mountain I worked like a madwoman.

Thank goodness the cavolo nero kale are actual plants. They have spent two days outside hardening off. I was nervous when the rain started this afternoon. Imagine if it started hailing and I lost the whole crop.

Ah, the thrilling tension of spring.