Cherry blossom

Ah so that is why I am here. Someone has to squish the caterpillars on the apple trees in the orchard.

I arrived just after 8pm tonight in a frenzy of keenness to see.  There has been rain. There is blossom everywhere. The daffodils are going over. I can’t believe I missed those.

And the grass is growing like mad. I foresee lots of mowing this week. Note to self, sort the mower tomorrow.

I had time to just walk about in a daze of delight. And munch on rocket flowers.

Oh and shoo away the deer that was watching me when I was harvesting asparagus. She was standing at the top of the forest looking down on the tasty treats on my farm.

But that’s fine. I’m happy to share if she obeys the fences. There is plenty outside the vegetable gardens to munch on.

I wonder if deer eat tulips?