Spring flowers

FullSizeRenderI was just waiting for the results of the French elections. I was on such tenterhooks (what on earth are they?) that I couldn’t concentrate.


Better than Le Pen.

FRENCHlavenderBack to garden photos.

It’s a photo round up today as my fingers are aching from all the weeding I did today. So no chatter. Just Sunday night slide night.

The irises are out. Or over, or threatening to come out.


The yellow ones are hilariously tacky as usual.  After ten years dare I say they are starting to grow on me?


Thank goodness for these gladiolus in the potager; I was scrambling about this morning looking for flowers for my three bouquets (two for the bakers, one for the butchers.  We don’t have a candlestick maker). And it ended up with a lot of foliage (cornus and cotinus) and this gladdie and the rather odd cerinthe.


Not my best bouquets. But they went down a treat with my friends. And I came away with great barter booty: two pain au chocolats and a bottle of red.

Needless to say one pain au chocolat didn’t make it as far as the parked car in the village. And the other one will be scoffed for breakfast tomorrow. I need my sugar rush to cope with a day of weeding.