So what are we growing here?

saladThere are vegetables in here, honest.

Every flower seems to be out in the potager add they do catch the eye.  The flashes of red are a lovely nasturtium that I am trying to encourage to climb up and scramble over these chestnut supports.

That way they will help to shade the lettuce growing underneath.  We can’t eat salad fast enough as it’s bolting in this absurdly warm weather.

Gordon and Melissa, my cousins from Australia arrived Monday night and it was actually raining as they finally pulled up into the farm.

But rain that had so little ooph it only measured 1mm in the rain gauge. How is that possible?  Never mind. courgettes

It was great to have vistors and they have been a wonderful fun distraction all week. (Which does explain the lack of blogs. I’m too busy having fun!)

I’ll try and catch up with snippets right now.

french beans fennelHere are more shots of the vegetable garden. I’m about to start full on courgette vegetable production. I have hand pollinated my first flowers this week.

And the dwarf French beans are now in flower.  You can see them here next to the fennel.  Both growing very well.  I have sown another fifty beans in the bare soil beside this current crop. I love a succession of veg.

The cabbage is securely netted.  I came down one afternoon to pick jostaberries but found myself getting the cabbage moth butterfly out of the inside of the cabbage cage. DSC02640


So that meant stopping what I was doing, sitting down, pulling up the net and carefully inspecting the underside of each and every cabbage leaf.

And sure enough, the tiny yellow eggs layed in a small dot of bright colour under one of the summer sprouting brocolli leaves was spotted and dispatched.

birthday liliesThe flowers in the far left hand edge are just fantastic. My birthday lilies from Leslie are just coming into flowers.  What jewells.

And I have fifty of them.  Most are sunk in large flower pots in batches of five at the far end in between the dahlias.

So far the mole rat has not made an appearance in the vegetable garden and I am grateful. I am no doubt being lulled into a false sense of complacency.

But for now flowers for the house and for friends are the order of the day.