September flower fest

That’s the strangest thing about scale. When you spend your life living in among mountains, a garden just seems to disappear into the background.

I was plodding down the path through the barn garden yesterday and looked at my cut flower garden.

Where on earth are the flowers?

Okay, you can see them a bit better here when you get closer. The top beds in this vegetable garden are now being engulfed with colour.

The rain and the gentler heat have caused an explosion of loveliness.

I won’t kill you with endless, endless shots. (Do you know that feeling when you are reading social media and someone just sends you a link that says photos! Photos of my daughter’s outing to a birthday event! Plus 48 more of the damn things if you are dumb enough to click?)

None of us have the time to see this many dahlias. So I”m going to give you small pics. And you can click if you really are keen.

Oh and sunflowers. My, they have gone mad. The mole rats really left them alone after the initial ‘harvesting’ of the roots back in spring.

There is a very scary too warm storm brewing outside (Cevenol? Ugh. I am not ready for a flood!) so I can hide in here and make endless picture galleries. Before all the flowers are battered to the ground by rain.

And spare a thought for these little Callistephus chinensis plants. China Aster ‘Tower Chamois’.

In a nice gentle climate with oodles of rich soil they would be towering. As promised on the packet.

75cm tall? Bless. Mine are barely reaching the lofty heights of 20cm. But they are very pretty in a delicate modest bloom sort of way.

What a shame their neighbour is a stonking dahlia about 2m tall.

You can see them cowering bottom left.

The orange dahlia was a gift from Andrew. And I just had no idea what sort of growth it would put on.

I’ll be moving it next season. Or just grow more shade loving plants behind.