Seed sowing in the potting shed

First outside in the potager and now inside in the warmth of the potting shed.  The season begins. And this is probably going to be the only endless list post of the year.  It is way too dull to read lists of what people are sowing.

I sow all the usual suspects.  Except tomatoes and aubergines which I buy as young plants from my friends. Oh, and leeks. I buy them in batches of 100 for tuppence from the market.

But if I look at my drawers full of seeds, I can see we are much keener on brassicas than most. I have a husband obsessed with anything cruciferous; cabbage, kale, sprouts, brocolli, calabrese. You name it. Stir fried, preferably every night. It is a healthy way to eat your greens.  And ours are never boiled. Not even the brussel sprout.  So I have to keep up with keen demand.

Today’s sowing included the following: 1seedsowing1

East Fresian Kale, Greyhound cabbage, Summer Purple brocolli, Kailaan chinese stem brocolli, True Siberian Kale, Calabrese Marathon, Calabrese de Cicco, Red Ursa Russian Kale, Nero di Toscana Kale.  Not large quantities, but a few of each.

If they don’t germinate at the end of the month I’ll sow again.

And just for fun and to break up the monotony of all those greens some Cosmos Polidor, Rose Bonbon and Double Click Cranberry.  I have to do Cosmos for the village flower beds, so I’m getting in early as they are due to be planted out at the end of May.

And while we are on lists, this is for my folks who are keen birders.  The spring bird table (well, the terrace outside our living room where I fling the sunflower seeds) contains the following gorgeous birds:

Chaffinch, Brambling, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Coal Tits, Hawfinches, Goldfinches, Nuthatch, Green Finches, and a mystery finch which seems to be an albino with all sorts of blotches on its head.  He has survived two winters here so it’s always a pleasure to see him return.

It’s hard to photograph any of them as we are behind glass watching and trying not to spook them.  The Hawfinches and the Goldfinches are my favourites. And they are so brazen (or hungry) that they will continue feeding even when Artur is a few feet away begging to be let in at the large window.