Running with scissors part two

weeding in sandalsAnd now we are really taking risks: cutting back the brambles wearing only sandals.

Not only risky for my feet, but also thrillingly dangerous when I unearthed ant nests as I worked.

But I was quick to leap up and get out of their way.  This narrow patch of the garden was a forest of brambles and nasties.

I keep thinking the clearing up of the flood damage is over but this area had a sea of sand and detritus over the gravel and weedproof fabric. weeded under vines

Weedproof fabric didn’t and doesn’t. So I had to remove yet more buckets of gravel (sifted  with a riddle) and put to one side.

And once I let the ant nests settle (tomorrow) I can scrabble about to put yet more fabric down and try and get some clean gravel back.

I let the sedum grow from the walls up towards the planters.  But endless fussy bits of grass grow in between.

I suspect it’s why rockeries are no longer in fashion. Who has the time for such tedious weeding?

These four planters need to be painted to match their chaps in the courtyard. But I ran out of Farrow and Ball downpipe undercoat, so that will have to wait another month.