Rounding up the jpegs

thurs strimmed east gardenRight, have I earned by cup of tea yet? I am working my way through the files on my desk top. And there are only a few to go. Well, I am yet to open the Pics for Website folder as that is just a can o’ worms. So here are the last few.

The east garden has been beautifully strimmed. You can even see the stone wall up underneath the black cherry tree. Fancy.

Above courtyard gardenAnd here is a striking picture of the wasteland above the troughs in the courtyard.   The grass to the left was a gift from Andrew. We had thought it was a Molinea, but it has been identified as a Panicum Squaw. Panic grass – what a great name. Well, most people call it Switch grass. So Panicum virgatum it will be.   And thank you to the Encyclopedia of Grasses by Rick Darke for the spelling. I have been writing it with two ns in my emails.

A green lawnAnd here is a picture of the potager and summer lawn. Crisp still, but it promises to green up by next year. Don’t you just love the miracle of nature?Long view of poteger and lawn