The calabert garden

Calabert garden beforeHere are some visual images of the future calabert garden. Sounds more poetic than Barn Garden. And calabert is very Archeche. It is supposed to be the best place for the farmer to hide when it rains. And it is usually a tip of tools, wood, rusty farm parts. You name it. Ours is sprightly and neat for now (one has to be vigilant) and hopefully we will have a garden to show it off next year.

Before it was weeds and fallen stones. After it is strimmed weeds and stones. Picture in the post below. In a month or so I may be able to show a dry stone wall. Watch this space.

link to calabertcalabert garden before 1And speaking of building of walls, that is not my task. I eschew the work. But Nicolas will hopefully be cajoled into lifting those mighty blocks and getting it into shape. He has already dug out the brambles along the top of this terrace slope. That is going to make things easier next year when everything bursts into life.

penn detailOn the path to the left are the pennisetum grasses. They have taken a beating in the warm weather. But with a day and a half of rain they almost look alive. I peer and pray and hope I haven’t wasted my funds.

And just to wrap up this busy Thursday, here are the other tasks achieved. I re-sowed Alice’s path with grass seeds. Weeded in the sunshine of a mid September day. Too perfectly blue and lovely.thurs resowed alice path

And then took heaps of verbena cuttings from the plants in the herb garden. I had to go into my beloved potting shed. Which Alice has helpfully renamed the Chigger Shed. Poultry Red Mites seem to have been lurking in the planks of the old wood and attack me with vigour. I dread going in there but I need to keep up with my cuttings.thurs verbena cuttings