Raw material for the potager structures

1poles to moveI have no shortage of material. Here is an action shot of me scouting for long straight chestnut trees for the potager structure I need to build.

Self seeding chestnuts which grow right on the edge of the walls on the lower terraces are a pain.

They start small, shoot up in no time. And if I don’t get them in the first year, they romp away.  In time their roots will spread and the rocks fall.

This is the terrace just above the former vineyard. And you can see the trees have won this time. It’s only when I have done all the careful strimming that the evidence is laid so bare.

Never mind. I just can’t win with 17 acres and dozens and dozens of walls. I wonder how many terraces we actually have? That’s a nice project for a bored gardener.asparagusmailourder

And that means not right now.  I have received the asparagus crowns. So next up – asparagus planting.  And potager structure building.  But that is less urgent as the broad beans and peas don’t need staking yet.