Purple podded pleas

Anon took a few days. But I’m back. And as I am looking forward to a busy day of planting and weeding, I need to fill you in on news before news rolls in.

One thing I did manage to finish in the vegetable garden was to harvest the peas. One entire row was up and over and looking very tired.   And sadly I think I missed the best of the harvest by a week. One hot and unwatered week after such a lush growing season spelled the end of the purple podded peas.

They look gorgeous on the plant; they are easy to pick as they stand out.   But do they taste great? Not really. And shelling them is rather playful as you end up with purple hands.

So I need to rethink this idea of trying to grow peas in the south of France. I had hoped that the mad lush wet spring would make it possible to have a great crop.

I was pleading with myself not to plant these darn things next year.   But when I came indoors to look for some more dwarf French beans to plant in the pea’s place, I saw that I already have half a dozen packets of the pulses for next year. Ah well.