Plum blossoms and snow

plum-blossom-march-08.JPGEarly Easters often present weather conundrums; and this is no different. Sipping my tea early this morning I thought I saw lots of plum blossoms floating in the air. But no – it’s snow. End of March and we finally get a real winter’s day.

Luckily yesterday was gorgeous weather. Windy but sunny and perfect for getting some seeds in the soil. (Poor things will be suffering now, of course.) In my newly drawn geometric beds, I have added carrots, beetroot, radish and chives. The radish are more for decoration than a desire to eat a bucketful of fiery veg each day. So too the chives which I hope will germinate and run all the way down the long path. Need to buy more seed this week.

In the brassica bed I planted two rows of sensible green and white swiss chard (oh for some colour there). And I even managed a small row of pea seedlings. These have been romping away in the cold frame and are no doubt suffering with this cold snap in the ground.

Inspired by Nicolas (or should I say gently chided) I even managed to get lots of seeds sown up in the potting shed. It’s a long cry from my impatient London windowsill sowings when I seemed to have had everything done early Feb. This is a colder climate and I am a slow mover.

potting-shed-sowings-march-08.JPGBut in their seed trays lie red bor kale, dwarf french beans, rocket, aubergines, two types of tomatoes and some sowings of stipa grass. I need to double my production over the next week or so. But so much to do. Houseguests, wall work, a funeral, and house painting lie ahead.

almond-blossom-march-08.JPGIf it stops snowing long enough I shall take my camera and record the blossom report. Things are sprouting mightily here and looking full of promise.flower-blossom-march-08.JPG