Photo roundup

I am storing pictures on the desktop that haven’t been slotted into their appropriate diary entry. So apologies for the sudden snow melt (which hasn’t happened) but here are some photographs of the garden.

First up some hard landscaping work. Nicolas has almost done the little wall that abuts the steps down to the pool. He can’t use the cement when the temperature is below 5C. And of course, he would have to dig out the steps first if he were to keep on with the task right now.

And then there are the clever steps that don’t require anything more than strength, a handy forest for the wood and an eye for design. These are the steps that lead down to the potting shed. Made with chestnut logs and just two pegs hammered in front to stop them moving. There is a bit of work to get the line right and the spacing. Especially as we have so many rocks in the way.

What else have we in the photo bag? Mache planted in their neat rows. Eighty of them no less. But what a shock to see brown earth and green grass. And here is a wonky row of garlic planted at the end of last month. Wish I could have put in the twenty five more that are languishing in the shed. And the first part of my cloche collection: the spring lettuce (mache, swiss chard and random seasonal greens) all tidily away. And unaware of the snowfall that would engulf them just a few days later.

Any more leftovers? Yes, here are some cuttings I struck from the fruit bushes. Plus the picture of the third mini terrace in the process of being built. Right now it has three calamagrostis Karl Foerster and a tonne of snow.

And last but not least – the shrouded pots in the potting shed. Covered up but still freezing. I know just how they feel. Right then, up to date. Time to go and soak the gloves.