Perennial flowers for cutting

andrew's rudbeckiasRudbeckias. Coneflowers. Part of the Aster family. My current favourite cut flower in the potager.

I loved seeing this vibrant display at my friend Andrew Wilkie’s garden.

May I have cuttings? When are you dividing? Do they grow from seed?

Grow from seed is the answer. And I did grow a large selection two years ago.

Last year nothing much happened. And this year they have explrudbeckiahorizoded.  Just as Andrew predicted.

He did warn me that you have to make sure you have the right spot as they are a perennial flower. And will expand if they like where they live.

Mine are mainly planted right at the top of the potager in the bed designated for flowers.  It is the driest and least amount of soil of the whole plot. But it’s happy.

rudbeckia1Or should I say they are happy.

Were I to really hunt about I could find what varieties I am growing. But that would take way too much time.

And it’s Thursday. Market day. I need to make my bouquets. I have buckets of flowers and buckets of chestnut branches which I use as a foliage filler for the flowers.

What I need to supply are sunglasses to protect my friends from the zingy brightness of the blooms.

Fully hardy, drought tolerant, floriforous, fun.  If you were looking to add some permanent performers for your cut flower garden this group of plants would get my vote every time.

rudbeckias vertical