Outdoor pursuits

week 2 detailWell it wasn’t quite the day I had planned.   After the heavy rain yesterday (no snow) Dario took the opportunity to avoid another drenching.    So I had the first part of the morning to myself in the studio.   My job is to insulate as many of the internal walls as possible before the chip board goes down to create a more finished look.

It’s quite fun really – a bit like doing a giant jigsaw puzzle – except it’s itchy.   The insulation was left over from the hot water covering before the gite was renovated. It sat in a large garbage bag down in the stables, and I thought about it yesterday afternoon when Dario suggested I find something to insulate the walls. insulation 1

insulationNothing like a good bit of recycling. I managed the first lot in the dusk yesterday and finished as much as I could today. I’ve run out of the stuff.   But may go and get more on Wednesday when I chase down door handles, glass bricks, and all sorts of other things at the monster hardware store in town.

After that it was over to St Michel to do a good deed.   I’ve donated a few hundred tulip and daffodil bulbs to try and gussy up the village. And today was the day designated for the volunteers to plant them.   So the big team of Jean Daniel and I went at it.   We did the Protestant church, the Catholic church, the entrance to the village and the verges on the outskirts. It’s aching work with that pesky little bulb planter, but my halo is shining brightly.

And this afternoon, no rest for the virtuous, I’m going to help break in Ulysse the stallion. That should be sporting.