Now what?

weeded 1End of day play and I have a sand pit. On a steep slope. Well that’s what it looks like.

But it’s weed free and that’s a treat. The challenge (I was going to moan and complain and call it a faff; but this is landscaping and this is fun) was to remove the soil and remove the weeds. And the stones.

I am a bit surprised just how much soil there was on the flat part of the path.

I took about ten buckets of the good stuff down to the potatoes; but I don’t think I will put any more there. It’s too much hard work. soil on potatoes

So instead I will just keep on adding it to the now weed free steep slope on the far right.

If I can do the right sort of mini terracing here, I can fill it with plants. All day I was oscillating between lavenders and grasses.  I can’t really have both as the eragrostis grasses can grow too tall.

So I will have to ponder that one.  And I thought that if I get the path flatter. And take about a foot of soil off it as it’s not needed, I can put down some weedproof fabric. Re lay with gravel (those are the bits in buckets at the top) then that will look fine.

weededAnd I even thought that I could just plant up some of the apple crates with lavenders for a summer display.   The trick will be to find out how wide the path with now be.

I had started out planning on a very narrow path, but I can see that the rocks naturally flatten out in quite a wide expanse.

So it could be quite a wide area now.   But that is all the dreaming before I finish moving that dratted soil.

Tomorrow I am going to have my favourite busman’s holiday. I’m off to Andrew’s for lunch. A four hour round trip just to eat a meal, catch up on news and visit a brilliant garden. Well worth the drive.