New views of the farm

I can honestly say I have never stood in this exact spot before.

The archeology of the terrace walls makes more sense when you look at them from this angle.  To the left are the largest and flattest terraces.  And there is an obvious break in the walls.  Is that an alley? A walking path? Disputed territory between farm occupants when more than one family had to work these poor parcels of land?

Most intriguing.  And you can see too that the lower terraces have become too overgrown to sustain the stone walls. They are turning into slopes. I never noticed that before.

1steps to vineyardAnd here are the new steps down to the vineyard. That makes a huge difference.

I positively twinkled down them this week with all my cutting gear for the last f the weed work.  I staggered back up them almost on my hands and knees, but that’s a not unexpected occurance.  Farm life is physical, but never dull.