A bracken and bramble free farm

1half strimmed 1What a boast. But I have taken months to get these lower terraces looking gorgeous.  I just want them to stay in this pristine state. Hah.

Most people at this time of year yearn for spring. But I just love the pause in the mad growth of all my enemies.

I made a discovery today. I found another terrace wall I never knew we had.

This last terrace below the road is steeply sloping.  And I assumed it was just one long and rather steep space.  But once I waded in with my cutting blade I realised that it comprises two terraces.

I also found some fencing wire in a long roll which our previous owner obviously abandoned mid project.  Brambles were unhelpfully winding their way through the roll.1rakings

Cutting on a steep slope is tedious.  But it was sunny and I had rather hoped I would get to chat to one of my neighbours as they drove past. We get around a car an hour on this road; but no one beeped or slowed, alas.

The hardest part is the raking. It is the tidying up you would rather not do.  You do rather hope that you get a round of applause for two days work and the crew come in to do the last nasty job of clearing away what you have cut.

But no. I would have patted myself on the back, but I couldn’t reach. Besides, my arms ached too much.