I have been good: I have chopped and strimmed the forest path near our house.   Well, it’s not really near.   But when there are only two houses on the mountain, then you tend to divvy up the mountain chores.

This forest path is used by us when we go for a walk around Mont Godin with visitors.   And Fi and Phil very bravely hacked their way behind me this week.   I was out front wading into the brambles with secateurs.   But it could be better.

The path is also used as part of Jean Daniel’s horse riding adventure. He brings groups of riders up the road and into the forest and around the back of the mountain.

So with my mighty Welstead loppers, I went in and cut back all the encroaching spanish broom, brambles, bracken, holm oak seedlings and chestnut saplings.

I need to give it a final strim first thing in the morning, and it will be a lovely mountain path once more.