Narcissus Thalia

IMG_5739It’s all electric out there. Everything is glowing. The euphorbia in the shade garden and herb garden. And these gorgeous daffodils all over the farm.

I planted these narcissus Thalia last October all along the edge of the east garden.

And I’m not sure you can discern but I did a bit of a naff pattern along the edge.  Most of my edges have a curve thanks to a lawn mower accident with a cherry branch about five years ago.  I was beetling along minding my own business on a long flat bit when I ran slap bang into a cherry branch that was in my way.

IMG_5745I paused long enough to swear, prepare to crank start the mower again, notice there was a lot of juicy fruit on the branch, and then look at the wonky curve this accident caused.

And I found it rather fetching. Mowing acres of grass is a dull business indeed. But now with curves I have a bit of fun.


The bulb planting now has a theme too.

But just in case you thought it was all sweetness and light here in the east garden; let me open out the shot a bit and show you the rest of the scene


Oh dear. Yes. It’s a building site.

But look how well trained the lads are. No bits of scaffolding kit crushing any of the daffs. That only took a few years of pouting and cajoling. And the rewards are there to see. Between the quince blossoming madly on the left and the narcissus on the right we have found a way through with a dismantled scaffolding tower and some heavy duty ladders.