Compost bins and renovations

IMG_5310Goodness this is late for a  Sunday post. And I can’t blame it on cooking a Sunday roast.

It gets truly dark just after 830pm now that the clocks have changed.  So there I was madly and rather hurriedly shoving in the last of my eragrostis grasses into the orchard bank.

You will get the glorious shots of all that next week.

I wanted to show you the marvellous changes to the compost bins.

IMG_5664There were bins in the corner of the bread oven and main house for ten years.  Mucky. messy and not fit to be seen.  Until last month when Etienne and Bebs dismantled the lot.

And when I came back I was all prepared to cajole them into putting them back.

compost arearoseBut they did such a good job repointing the walls and repairing the glaring holes in the surface that I couldn’t countenance the area being sullied by my mess.

In fact it even looks like it might become a spot in the garden for – wait for it – leisure.  A seat. A spot to sit with a morning cup of tea and contemplate the potager. Fancy.

I quickly transplanted the Tess of the d’Urberville climbing rose to this spare bit of soil next to the path. (The paths are a remnant of old gas tanks that used to be parked out here.)

And then turned to the huge pile of compost that is now littering the area next to the fence in the potager. What a shame the tooth fairy didn’t move it all to my vegetable garden beds while I was away.

And of course I’ll have to work out where to build new bins now that the spot has been stolen by aesthetic pleasures.  But that will take a whisky and a lot of plotting.