Mulching, mounding and mache

mache plantedBits of gardening today: but fun nonetheless. I am trying to clear out as many plants as I can from the potting shed.   And the autumn sown lambs lettuce (mache in French) was ready to face the cold soil of the veggie bed.   I have a few dozen here that might take and thrive.   Naturally I have placed a cloche over the top of them to keep out any grazing herds.   And will find the place smothered in weeds in a few weeks time.   But I needed the room on the staging for all my seeds.

The soil in the vegetable garden is thinly covered in my lovely manure from Leslie and Teo’s and I must confess that I am looting happily.   The grasses (mostly miscanthus) that edge the lawn have had their annual chop.   And I decided that the best way to delineate them from the surrounding lawn now that they don’t stick up above the long grass, was to cover them in a thick mulch.   That way I won’t mow over them when we do the first lawn cutting next month.mulched grasses

The far end grass was actually a calamagrostis Karl Foerster planted by mistake.   It has now been swapped for a miscanthus gracillimus which was growing rather well on one of the terrace bank beds above the potting shed.  Â  I should now have a complete set of the right sort of grasses this year.

I am also planning ahead for the first major watering.   The hedge has to be watered with a bucket of water for each plant at least.   And that won’t work if the water just runs off down the hill.   Gardening on steep gradients requires a bit of careful planning.

hedge bowlsSo in a perfect emulation of a kid at a beach, I have set to with my bucket and spade and spent a happy hour creating mounds.hedge bowls 1

Each plant has to have a mound of earth around them that is high enough to take a soaking from the house. It was quite fun really as the weeds haven’t germinated (yet) on this soil.   I was competing with the sunset to get it all done.   There are thirty two plants in the hedge in all, but I managed it before it was well and truly dark and time to down toys and come inside for a bath. hedge bowls 2