Mr Clingy

Meet Mr Clingy. I swear he has not moved more than 20 feet away from me all morning.   We started with a spot of watering the step garden. The weeds are snaking in a bit as they have such a lovely turned soil and mulch.

But I’m delighted how the plants have settled and grown.   Some of the verbena bonariensis plants are even flowering; which is a bonus.

I have high hopes for next year for this little garden.

I didn’t need to water much of the rest of the garden as there is a bit of rain predicted for tomorrow night. And about time too.

I cut some lilies and cosmos for Daniele (sorry, we cut a bucket load of plants) and as I took them up to her house, I noticed that the asparagus at Jean Daniel’s potager were drowing in weeds.

So we set to with enthusiasm (but no gloves) to remove the worst of the weeds from around the plants that are perched on top of the mounds.

These asparagus are quite extraordinary plants. They haven’t been watered for a month at least, but most of the little fronds are waving above the weeds.

Artur wasn’t very helpful here; he kept lying in my way and then trying to chew the fronds or trying  to lap the water.

Jean Daniel had run a hose (for some reason) onto the raspberry thicket nearby. I’m not sure if he had forgotten that it was running; it wasn’t doing much good as there are more weeds than raspberries but I took advantage.

It meant I was able to give every plant a really good soak.   And even give a bucket of water to the three large jostaberry shrubs which are at the end of each row.   Once I had unearthed them from a thicket of weeds.

If I had time, I’d weed the entire bed. But I don’t. And it’s too hot to try.

Artur and I headed off to another part of our garden for more weeding after an encouraging cup of tea.