Midnight munchies

Well it looks like we weren’t the only ones to enjoy the succulent Swiss chard as a side dish last night. Up this morning to water the garden and found that someone (and I suspect our resident deer) has eaten 12 Swiss chard plants and four lettuces. Grrr.

No more gardening for the day: we went rock climbing instead. Well that was the plan. Until I managed to catch a wasp on the mouth. It flew into me on the walk to the crag and in the space of a second had hit me, stung me and flown off. After an hour or so I still looked like a love child of Mick Jagger and the pain was rather insistant. So distraction in the form of retail therapy (pool furniture and beach towels) and then a long swim and soak and generally feeling gingerly sore.

It seems like fencing is in order. I can’t believe we have got away without a fence all this time (that the philosophical gardener speaking, the real me was ready to throttle the deer if I came across it. Swiss chard is definitely my favourite veg). I had two metres of netting up in the shed. So out it came and with help making the wire surrounds, up it went. Two metres down, thirty to go.