Boy racer

Well at first light with a cup of tea in hand it seems there was no deer stuck in the netting, and from a brief glimpse, no ravaged garden.

But no. A closer look and I discover that our fastidious Daisy Deer has a penchant for the beetroot tops as well as the young chard and the lettuce. She has worked her way along the same row that she half ate last night. And yanked off the beetroot tops and left them half destroyed. So the solution is netting and it has to be today.

Luckily Gamm Vert (our local garden centre) had enough netting and other toys for me to complete the hot work. It took hours. And even though late in the day managed to get sunburned on my legs and feet, but I have an enclosure. Rather spiffing really. But I do wonder if it will keep the deer out. Tomorrow will tell.

Had first go of the lawn mower today as well. Can’t believe I almost forgot to mention it. What fun. Well it wouldn’t be fun if you were thinking – hmm another laborious task. But it is so quick compared to the strimmer, and brings out the boy racer in one as it flies off down the paths.