Meadow mowings

1firsttmowNow this is a first. I have mown a path through the path that leads down to the lower terraces: and I didn’t have to mow the entire area to rid myself of brambles and self sown trees.

I might have to walk the course very carefully to check I haven’t missed any nascent cherry or chestnut seedlings, but it is looking promising.

The wildflowers are just gorgeous this year. I wonder if everything benefited from fantastic rain last year and this is the result. I have vetch everywhere, salvias, and goodness know what else. I ought to bring my Wildflowers of the Cevennes book that Andrew gave me and go and sit down in the deep grass and find out what I have.

1orchardmowBut leisure is never an activity on a mowing day.

It takes just under six hours if I don’t have to mow terraces two to five as well. So I won some time.

I always start in the orchard as that is closest to where the mower is parked. And it wasn’t too onerous. I fairly whipped through the levels; orchard, track, duck pond, lawn.

The edges of the road even had a trim as I have so many house guests arriving this week. And I want to aim for the barely contained scruffy country look.

The lawn is neat as a pin; if you don’t look at the pool cover which still hasn’t been repaired. Perfidious pool people. But I only have eyes for the growing green bits. 1lawnmown

I think I have photographed the lower terraces from this spot before; forgive the duplication. I do so love this shot.

And today for the first time I was able to really mow the verges of the road where the fence came down. What a delight.

I’ve run out of time to collect all the grass cuttings to mulch the top potager and Jean Daniel’s asparagus bed. So you get the thrilling sight of bags of green grass cuttings postponed for another day.