Mea culpa

Oh Fenning, oh Gillie. Please forgive me.   I was strimming down on the lower terraces today, and I murdered oak trees.

Well, the seedlings. But so many. I know that you do a dance for joy if you find oak seedlings in your garden.   But I just couldn’t keep a hold on the strimmer blade.

I had huge sweeps of the machine as I worked my way along the terraces, and little baby oak trees were just felled in my frenzy.

I’m going to try my best to keep an eye out for then after lunch.   But the grass is so thick and high that I can barely notice boulders under the greenery, let alone oaks.

I have managed two more terraces and things are almost under control. But the guilt.

I did manage to save this little titchy oak seedling.   I’ve grubbed around and removed the competing grass.   And if all goes well this week I will give it more protection. Assuaged? I hope so.