Magnolia blossoms

magnoliahousesI’ve never seen so many magnolias in one street.  This is our first spring in Hampstead and my, the blossom is quite stunning.

When I stand on our top balcony and look to my right I seem to have a sea of them. All gorgeous and frothy and pink.

And I wonder if they were all planted at the same time. The size of the trees is quite remarkable.

Pink ones, a few white ones. And the lovely magnolia stellata, the star shaped ones. White. Very elegant.magnoliawhite

I am planning my plod to the shops for groceries past as many as I can.

It’s such a shame that magnolias are such dull old trees one the flowers are over.

Mind you I don’t think there was a bouquet of flowers to our house in Sydney that didn’t contain magnolia foliage: that lovely contrast between the brown underside and the leathery top of the leaf.

We don’t have any magnolias on our farm. Time to do some research and see if I can plant them?