Locked in

her indoorsYesterday the rain came down so hard and heavily that I was trapped inside my potting shed for hours and hours.   So there was nothing to do but do a proper sort of all my plants.   I have moved the seeds that need more attention, to the front.   And the plants that are coping and should be romping further back.

And everything was given a thorough watering and fussing.

I have lost my cucumbers and courgette seedlings.   So they will need resowing.   And I have more purple sprouting brocolli to sow.   But I have almost reached my bench space. So it will take a bit of working and juggling about.

The tricky bit is not to cram the benches so full that they score a direct hit when the cat leaps up and down from the top shelf.   I saw him score a direct hit on a pot of black tuscan kale.   I have to remember that he is an elderly cat and can’t leap with such agility any more.

I’m just hoping that it will be too hot for him up on the upper reaches of the shelves and he restricts his acrobatics for lower shelves.