Late spring in the potting shed

We survived the Great Late Frost of 2022.

Which is exactly like the Great Late Frost of 2021. Which also means I might not be able to show you the cherry crop this year. Again.

At least we had warning so I was able to do this:

I think the broad beans took a hit, but most other things seem to be alive.

Note the sticks in the trays – not so much to hold up the lightweight fleece….

… as to stop Creature from treading on everything.

She does not like to share.

But she has had to this week as I am away. And Solene has reported no slashing injuries or unexpected attacks.

In fact she even thinks Creature is tolerating the intrusion in Her House.

I can’t wait to be back tomorrow to resume the frenzy of seed sowing and seedling work.

And wild animal taming. (Note claws.)

Just six days away dealing with stuff in the milder climate of London.

No frost damage on these ornamental cherries.

Lucky things.