Early spring garden

I wanted to show you this batch of pictures before the snow and frost blasts all the blossom.

We have a cold snap coming. The sort where you look at the blossom on all the cherry trees and just sigh with sadness.

For the second year in a row it looks like we won’t be picking cherries. Unless those incredibly busy bees can work miracles over the next day and somehow we are spared.

This particular cherry is at the edge to the top potager. I popped up this morning to check on the asparagus bed and thwacked my head on a low branch.

It’s usually the first to flower. The rest unfurl over the next week. Unless of course they are under a heavy blanket of snow and freezing ice.

Oh well. At least we can be consoled with euphorbias in their springtime acid green glory.

My I do love a self seeder.

I can still remember the five teensy little plants I bought way back from the RHS Wisley garden centre in Surrey. They came over in my suitcase and went into the herb garden. Now the wooden extension area of our house.

Excellent self seeders indeed.

And if you are lucky you can get them to self seed in pleasing symmetry. Like the one that is slap bang in between two doors of our basement.

Others make a display just about everywhere I do and don’t want. I stop them self seeding on the lower terraces as that is more a natural landscape. But if you want year round pleasing green and then the zing of spring time bracts, these are your beasts.

And finally I am getting self seeders in the euphorbia rigida plants in the Dry Garden.

Elsewhere there are plenty of rosemaries in flower – saphho being a good vibrant blue.

And this gorgeous Teucrum fruticans which has finally accepted I’m not moving it from its squished place beside the path.

And if all goes well these tulips in the raised beds in the potager will survive the weekend weather.

I should have picked them for bouquets.

But I ran out of time. I was too busy picking the heavy narcissus bulbs in the hedge which are doubles and definitely won’t take a beating.

They went as presents to all the neighbours as a reminder that spring is divine. And then it isn’t. Weather.