It’s a jungle in here

Oh yes, it’s a jungle in here. My little seedlings are burgeoning. It’s going to be planting out time this week. The cabbage, brocoletto and dwarf broad beans are well on the way. I dread subjecting them to the mercies (or merciless actions) of the slugs. But they have to go sometime. And there Have Been Mutterings about the state of our living room. It’s rolling in pots of seedlings in various stages of growth. Too many. Time to set them off in the world.

I received in the post today a little fat bag of seeds from the Australasian Plant Society. Oh my, they do look exciting. Just 20 little white waxy packets of seeds with odd instructions. Most of them I follow, but here’s one that is in secret botanists’ code: Euc paciflora ssp niphophila. Vic Mt Hotham 1600m stratify 4 wks. I know it’s the packet of seeds from the eucalyptus pauciflora.  But must investigate what stratify 4 weeks means.  We only have French / English dictionaries in the house right now; my big horticultural ones are in storage and I know that if I go into the nether regions of the internet I will be in there for hours having a happy browse.

Pause. See no self discipline. I did search out and the seeds are now in the fridge. And will stay there the four weeks as specified on the pack.