In the strim

strimmed duck pondOof. Done. I have spent the late afternoon strimming like mad. And thanks to Andrew’s advice I cleaned the machine – paying close attention to the filters.   Once done, fueled and harnessed. I pulled the cord and the dear machine fired to life.

There was no stopping the machine. I have strimmed paths, tracks, verges and even did Jean Daniel’s potager. Well, it’s not a potager yet, just a mighty expanse of weeds. But by getting the grass down I can rake tomorrow, and then cover with weedproof fabric for the summer.   Then in autumn he and I can get to and get it planted.   I still have to tidy up the cut barbed wire that was attached to the sprouting tree that he brought down this week at the border between our two potagers. And remove the said tree and leave it for chopping into bits.   But the majority of the work is already done. strimmings

I then twinkled down the newly strimmed steps to the duck pond and laid waste to waist high grass that is romping away unchecked. I found some fetching ferns in the undergrowth after I removed a large clump of weeds.   They might get transplanted in the summer to a more showy spot.   Or I will just forget they are there and find myself distracted by other chores. found ferns

Edges of pool, edges of ornamental grasses; one exciting moment when I found some wire hidden under an elderflower seedling, and then by 8pm I conked out.

lawnmowersTomorrow I shall finish bits. Rake like mad and try and get everything on my list sorted out. Friday night. Beer I think. The other strimmers were pleased with the progress as well.   They are now on the top terrace up above the road and working their way through weeds and grass and other delights. Ulysee at top potager