Hol(e)y hill

BulldozerWell that was fun. Three hours of work from M. Dumont and we may have our source back. He came, he roared up the hill, he dug.   Four metres of excavation into the mountain and four deep.

We have found the water source again, but it is a weak old thing. So we must now wait three weeks and see what comes of this mighty digging exercise.

I made myself useful by wheelbarrowing (quarter loads only) nice soft and weed-free soil from the top down to the new calabert bed. Great exercise as I managed about nine or ten trips.   And I was on hand to take photographs and generally look cheery as M. Dumont dug into the countryside.digging begins

one mighty holeRight now I have a sunny afternoon ahead of me – well, 9C and sunny. I think I will finish chipping the sticks in the courtyard, get the mulch onto my new soil. And then head down to the lower terraces with the mower.

Update: we have water in the source. I went up to take another last look and found a small puddle with hopefully more to come. You may not be able to discern much from this picture, but it’s a good sign.Water in the source