The new calabert garden

new calabert gardenWell here you have the fruits of someone else’s labours. Nicolas set to with vim and vigour at an early hour this morning and in no time he had created a new garden area.

It is short on a bit of soil. Something we hope to be rectified with the arrival of the bulldozer tomorrow morning.   But once I have built up the level I can plant out all the gaura that are lurking about the property.

I was thinking of grasses here; and will do so. But where once I would have plumped for miscanthus or pennisetum, I think it’s going to have to be eragrostis curvula. The mighty African love grass. It sure loves the Ardeche. It is the only grass here on the terraces that has actually thrived in a drought.

Now I know that you will therefore have to keep an eye on it in a wet season. But I’m happy to do that; we have to multiply that grass a thousand fold to secure a good cover of the calabert garden 1

Other news? Well I didn’t really do any garden work. Piled logs, drove to town, went to the train station, went in search of a light switch box for the bathroom sink. Bought a giant window and a giant mirror. Drove to Vernoux, dropped off paperwork and went in search of the now sharpened chain saw blade.   So there you have it. And tonight I am cleaning my room (a regular refrain I hear) and watching the history of British agriculture on the computer while I work.

Tomorrow I need to be up bright and early for the bulldozer driver. Camera at the ready, it ought to be a treat.