Her indoors

friday harvestI’m under house arrest so I can’t go out and play. It’s deadline day for my big screen research project is this weekend, so I have very little to report.

The one thing I did manage today (apart from bringing five loads of firewood in) was to dig up some parsnips.   There is a big Siberian storm predicted to arrive in Europe this weekend. And I hate the thought of not being able to get my veg out without breaking my fork. cavollo nero

I also cut a huge armful of Tuscan kale, then went down to the lower vegetable bed to cut equal amounts of swiss chard, rocket and curly kale. And on the way up to the hosue I grabbed rosemary, thyme and sage.

monster parsnipsThat ought to keep things ticking over in the kitchen for a few days.

The parsnips are hilariously large. Probably woody as can be; so they will be pureed. Or souped. But some of the little ones are going to be perfect for roasting.   It’s a good thing I went to the butchers and stocked up yesterday.   If it’s snowing and stormy, I won’t want to head out.

artur in the hot seatAnd guess who managed to sneak into the house while I was bringing in the firewood? He tried sitting on my lap; but there’s a lap top computer there already. So he pushed me aside and has perched himself right on the edge of the sofa, right next to the roaring fire.   Who said cats are dumb? artur helping with work