new hedgeI’ve planted a new hedge extension. A perfect little task for the weather.   Andrew kindly hauled the heavy load of special organic fertilizer pellets (mostly sheep manure) up near the huge oak tree at the top of the property.

So I got stuck in. This area just beside the dirt road suffers from heavy rain.   And I wanted to build up a mini barrier and plant an extension of the hedge.   And luckily I had some home grown plants to hand. First up I decided to move the non thriving bupleureum plants which were in the wrong spot.   And then out came the cuttings from Lynn and Jeff’s red currant bush and extra jostaberries which had survived over winter. Eight in all.   And three more to go. hedge extension

They are titchy right now.   But are sitting in a lovely nest of improved soil and lots of water. And as the soil is frankly just sandy and bare, it was a joy to dig and turn.

cherry orchardNaturally with a 30kg sack of pelleted manure (which I couldn’t shift) I decided to put it to use. I had a lovely plod all around the trees in the garden scattering a handful of goodness at the base of each tree. apple blossom

The apple blossom is just coming out in the orchard on the terrace below the pool.   The apricot and peach blossom is already up and gone.

I can’t ever take a decent shot of the fruit trees as they stay resolutely inside their deer proof cages.   And at the slow rate of growth, they will be livin in these cages for years and years.

new plum gardenBut as I did a loop past the newest cherry tree near the (ahem) septic tank, I did have time to admire the newly planted terraces under the plum trees. That’s a cheering sight. All the Mount Tacoma tulips are poised to open.

And then it was more planting fun.   I bought three climbing hydrangeas from Vachon earlier in the week and have been mulling over where to put them.   They are deciduous alas, but will give some good cover in summer.   And best of all they are self clinging. hydrangea planted

But where I planned to put them is a challenge. I have planted three in front of the potting shed.   The only one that is barely photogenic is the far left one to the left of the main doors.   The other two are in front of those hideously ugly water barrrels.   hydrangea 2

They aren’t going to cling to that slippery material. But if all goes well (and they were planted well) they will climb above the barrels and make their way towards the wooden walls.