Heat wave

Wouldn’t you know it. After three weeks of solid rain, we have now had two weeks of almost heat wave conditions. The seedlings could have stayed outside after all. But then they probably would have been fried to a crisp. Luckily Bernard and Nicolas kept things watered, and the lawn is only parched in patches.

Arrived in time to spend hours (it seemed) watering. When you come from a drought stricken country, this activity is still a novelty. And it means you get a good look at all the plants while you save their parched little lives.

The figs were in the weeds somewhere. I unearthed them and gave them a drench. Then worked on the lower vegetable garden trying to ignore all the weeds. Who says a deep mulch of well rotted compost will keep down weeds? Mine are just as dominant as before.

Didn’t have dinner so much as munched my way through the peas and broad beans as I worked the rows. This is serious harvesting time.

And after all that weeding, watering and wolfing, I retired for the night to plan my assault on the morrow. It stays light until 10pm so there is plenty to pack into the day.