potato haul top potagerPotato season.   I was actually a bit late for my first earlies.   Most people had their Charlottes up and out weeks ago.   But that’s the problem with too much to do.   Still, there is a crop in the hessian bag now and they taste delicious.

I cleared one row up on the top vegetable garden right next to my raspberries.   And it was the perfect way to work, I was in the shade from the raspberry bushes, could sit down, and dig up all the potatoes while I feasted on the fruit to my right. cleared charlottes

It was a long row, a hot day and I am greedy.   So two crops came down the hill, just one in a bag and the rest in my tum.

garlic harvestAnd if I was being more artistic, I would lay out all the garlic bulbs I grew in a huge row so you could see just how many came out unscathed. They are all a bit small.   But considering they had almost no rain in the growing season, I’m very pleased with the results.   And it’s a lesson to me: grow local.   These bulbs are French and came from an Ardeche supplier.   No more buying of English varieties and hoping for the best.