Harvesting figs

figsI take it all back.  A month ago I was scathing about the flavour of my figs. Well I eat my words. And my figs.

They are divine.  Titchy compared to last year. But I’m really not complaining.

I am complaining about my poor photography skills. If I were a more dedicated blogger, I would have staged this little plate of figs properly. And I would have picked the fruit off the tree with more care. There would have been no torn flesh. The little tops of the figs would have all been standing upright. figs green on tree

Oh, and there would have been more. But I tasted one when I was stalking about the potager today, and it was so delicious that I must confess I scoffed a lot before I suddenly thought I needed to preserve them for posterity.

Well, for today’s blog. No need to get big headed. It’s only a plate of figs.

I have the green figs coming along too right now. Nothing beats a two crop a year fig tree. Even if they are green. Less attractive, but still useful when you are in need of a quick sugar fix on your way through the garden.

figs green on treeBut I just don’t have enough to make a big batch of jam. So yesterday I went up to the market with figgy determination.

I stalked about the stalls; pausing for a hot chocolate and a gossip with my friends at the cafe, but found none. It has been too hot this year, and the wasps have beaten most people to the fruit.

I had to go to the co-op shop and hope I could track them down there.  I wasn’t about to buy them from a supermarket. That defeats the whole purpose of making jam. Fresh local produce, preferably from my own garden is my motto. fig jam making

So I have ventured one village over for today’s jam.  These figs – plump and twice the size of my own crop – came from Luc in Silhac. He’s an organic grower who has enough produce to be able to open our little co op shop three days a week in town.

The price was slightly eye watering; nine euros for two and a half kilos.  But then I pay nothing for most of my fruit in my jam, so naturally I found it outrageous to have to shell out.

But I was desperate. I haven’t missed making fig jam in autumn for many years now.

fig jam 2figs sliced

To see the recipe I use, have a look at the recipe section on this website.