Autumn sunflowers

Well that’s a relief:  no more blobs of red on platters for the photo shoot.  I’m going to try and be artistic today. I’ve never tried putting all the photographs into a gallery before. And I seem to always have a surfeit of sunflowers.

They are weeds in my potager: sown once and then picked over by the birds and self seeding happily everywhere.

If I am clever in spring, I can uproot the small plants which appear and try and put them to the edges of the beds.  But if I’m busy. And who isn’t in spring? Then they shoot up when your back is turned.

I must have a word with the birds: they don’t seem as keen on the darker flowers. Or are the yellow ones better at self seeding?  Either way they make a fun thicket in the potager and are perfect as cut flowers.

And they have thrown a nice bit of shade for my final weeding of the potager.  Yes, no more talk of weeds. For this vegetable garden at least.  I can even see the paths now. Very pleased.