Halfway there

shed with facadeWell it’s not finished but it’s a very fine building indeed.   We came up today and I raced up to see the progress on the studio. Dario doesn’t seem to have been about for a week (funny that).   But then we have had a big storm and a mighty three inches of rain so it might have put the poor man off.

From the front it looks well made, but the back is rather a different story. Still, it’s waterproof and nothing has leaked and it’s very exciting indeed. shed with half a facade

I spent a bit of time sorting out the plants which Dario very kindly put inside, and generally gazing about and imagining what it will be like when it’s done.

I must call and see if he has any time to finish the work. I fear that he is trying to get his projects done up in the mountains near Lozieres first.   Snow will come to the high mountains in the Ardeche sooner than here, and it will mean that the roads and the work outdoors will be a challenge in colder weather.   But I do hope it will be a bit more advanced that this.

shed in distanceStill, mustn’t grumble. I’m thrilled.

And thrilled with this incredibly mild weather.   The autumn colours on the mountain are breathtaking. It’s hard to keep your head down in the garden when all about you are blazing chestnut trees and larch as far as the eye can see. Autumn colours

autumn colours 1The mulberry hasn’t turned yet, so we have that to look forward to.   And to pick up all the leaves in the courtyard which I’m definitely not looking forward to; but the seasons will bring out these little landmarks. And another year on this farm always shows the progress.