Day seven

Day seven windows and doorsAll the windows and doors are now in. What an achievement.   And doesn’t it look fetching?  I can’t wait to see how the rest gets on. But alas, I only have one more day before I have to brave the strikes and head to London.   So I have promised myself an afternoon of bulb planting.   Every single one of the hundreds of bulbs from Andrew’s order needs to be  in the ground by dark.   That was the plan and I almost managed it.   (I have held back some bulbs for planting in the village in November.)

tulip pottingI have potted up a huge number of the lovely Mount Tacoma tulips in the three planters that were used for lilies this year.   And covered them with a pretty mulch of gravel.   And then realised they were too heavy for me to move.   So they have to lurk where they were planted up.   I didn’t dare ask Dario for help, he was too busy hanging windows.tulips in pots

And then I did a thorough weeding of the shade garden under the mighty chestnut tree.   This is going to be a little garden area (eight metres by four) very much on display as it’s directly in front of the spanking new studio.   So it has to look better than it did this year.   It had a momentously pretty spring – foxgloves, geraniums, lilies.   And then looked a mess for the rest of the summer.   So it neads an overhaul.

shade garden weededFirst up was to weed.   And lift bulbs.   Then to mulch carefully around the plants that are staying.   Would you believe I even have a Japanese anenome Honorine Joubert flowering for the first time in two years.   The dry conditions under the tree make it a challenge for any plant, so I’m thrilled it’s trying.   I’ve also planted lots of bulbs.   That was the purpose of the whole exercise today.   But typical of gardening: one task has to be completed before you can get back to the original plan.

bulbs in olive bankAll the daffodil bulbs are now in.   Narcissus Thalias should sprout up all over the banks in front of the house.   If the wild boar don’t grub them up over the hungry winter months. I wonder if they are poisonous? I really must check.

I then carefully planted 100 allium purple sensation bulbs in the steep bank above the pool. I have no idea if this will suit them. It’s certainly free draining, but dry as can be.   I watered the eragrostis plants I put in last time I braved this steep slope.   And just hope we get some good soaking rain this month to help them along. eragrostis and artur on pool bank