Goo two

strimming below houseAh yes, 1030am and my hard work is done. I’ve been thwacking with my strimmmer into the first terrace below the road.

And this was serious goo territory – nettles in the shade.  And when you stand on a steep slope and strim uphill you have the fun of seeing seven foot high nettles coming down on your head.

It’s an added thrill. Luckily I was well clad and shod and only had a tingle in my hand where there was a gap in the glove.  There’s always a gap in the glove.

And that done I went up to the potting shed to water my seedlings and who should walk in but Mister Haughty himself.  Boy he’s a complicated cat. drinking

For two days now he has ignored me utterly. Apart from a seven second visit to the house last night when a door was inadvertently left open. Artur was just cruising through.

And I made a complete fool of myself offering him water, sitting in a winning way so he could come and climb on my lap for a cuddle. But not. It was the death stare all the way.

under gardenerUntil about half an hour later when I was down in the potager weeding the cabbages and suddenly he was an adorable cat again.  He has gone to lie under the fig tree in the shade but will doubt do a bit of schmoozing later. Thank goodness.