Glory be

potager liliesJust look at the flowers.   One tremendous downpour of 50mls and my garden is transformed.   I came back to a blast of perfume in the courtyard: the lilies are all out, the roses are flowering like mad and I am very, very happy to be here.

I didn’t know where to start. A quick trot around the garden, and then an unpack of the car.plants for potting

I had succumbed to a shop on the way up from Valence.   A garden centre beckoned and I found the plants I needed for the pots that will go on the steps.   I dithered for ages and eventually ended up with sedums.   I just couldn’t find seven of enough varieties.

kangaroo pawAnd then there was the naughty purchase: a gorgeous anigozanthus at half price. That’s kangaroo paws to anyone not obsessed with Australian plants.   I will pot it up and keep it in the potting shed I think. I will need to keep an eye on it and store it over winter as it won’t like the cold and snow.   I can’t seem to upload my lovely pictures tonight, which is very irksome.

I won’t have enough time to do much more than unpack and move the plants back to the potting shed, but that’s fine. Tomorrow promises to be a wonderful day.