courtyard doneA paltry two mm of rain fell first thing this morning.

It was not enough to stop me from finishing painting all the courtyard planters. And not enough to think I could get away with not watering the potager.

Jan did that. I was on a mad mission to get as much done on the lower terrace with a spot of mass mowing.

I take too many shots of the terrace with my curves that allows lots of the beautiful meadow plants to come into the grass.  So instead you can see the by product. Marvellous mulch. courtyard view 1

These are the sacks I hauled (in the work car) up to the top of the farm. Almost taking out Ine, our former owner and two German visitors on the way.

She wanted to show them the garden and the guest house as they stayed there a few years ago. Well it must have been more than eight.

DSC02340I stopped long enough to have an elderlfower cordial with them and a chat. But really, I needed to get on.

So down went the grass cuttings on the edge of the potatoes, in a gale mind you. I do wonder if there will be any mulch left after this storm.

It’s a dry storm alas. Andd the gusts are very impressive.  I had a check and some were predicted to get to 85km per hour. and I’m not surprised. DSC02341

We have even had a casualty. We’ve lost a mirabelle tree.

I was walking up to the potting shed at 6pm to put away my tools and was stopped short by a branch from one mirabelle and most of the tree swaying dangerously in the path.

DSC02338I had to get the large loppers to remove the falling branch to stop it bringing down the rest of the trunk. But I won’t be surprised to find it all gone tomorrow.

And it’s a shame as there were fruit galore on the branch.  I tried to take an action shot but the sky was too dark and gloomy to get any definition. If I can,  I’ll capture it tomorrow.

But it’s going to be a busy day. Travelling to Paris on a train strike day. Sigh.