Garden day out

Tomato glutAh, at long last a day in the garden.   And that means picking endless tomatoes.   And dead heading cosmos. The potager looks almost normal now; not the thicket of previous flowers.   We have vases all over the place.

And I have even managed to get into the potting shed to do some seed sowing. Winter lettuce.   Cornflowers, poppies and more clary sage.   And I have potted on the cuttings from the summer: gaura, nepeta, santolina.

And for an encore I have planted out the lavender, gaura and grasses that didn’t need to be in their pots, sulking.   They aren’t in their final resting place. That’s a way off.   But I think they are better in the ground than in pots. I was lucky that the last nine days of neglect didn’t see off all my seedlings. But it wasn’t careful planning: just dumb luck.sedums and asters