First post

On Monday we take possession of our new home, a 17 acre farm in the hills in the Ardeche. The process has taken six long months but pleasurable ones as it has given us time to dream and plan and find ways to be inspired. I have taken out so many books on garden schemes and planting designs from the library you would think I was designing a garden for the Royal Horticultural Show at Chelsea. But in fact I am just trying to learn what on earth to do. Its all very well planting vegetable crops at one’s allotment, but we are facing a huge plot of land with so many challenges that I don’t know where to start. 

Start with a strimmer. Or just pluck cherries from one of the 30 or so trees growing up beside the long driveway to the house and take one’s time. Whatever happens it will be an adventure, and the culmination of many years of yearning for a garden on one’s own.